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About Company


Mr. Habibur Rahman
Mr. Md. Habibur Rahman, BPAA

Senior Secretary, Power Division, MPEMR, GoB & Chairman, BIFPCL

Engr. Md Mahbubur Rahman
Engr. Md Mahbubur Rahman

Chairman, BPDB

Mr. Md. Shamsul Alam
Engr. Md. Shamsul Alam

Member(Company Affairs), BPDB

Mr. S. M. Majharul Islam
Mr. S. M. Majharul Islam

Deputy Secretary, Power Division, MPEMR, GoB

Mr. Ravindra Kumar
Engr. Ravindra Kumar

Director (Operations), NTPC Limited

Ms. Renu Narang
Ms. Renu Narang

CEO, NVVN Limited (A WoS of NTPC)

Engr. Animesh Jain
Engr. Animesh Jain

CEO, NTPC Mining Ltd. (NML) & Regional Executive Director (Coal Mining), NTPC Ltd., Coal Mining HQ

Ms. Sangeeta Kaushik
Engr. Sangeeta Kaushik

Managing Director, BIFPCL

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