Critical Issues
Boiler Hydro TestDM waterOne stream
Boiler Hydro TestPressure Parts jts completionOne stream
Boiler light up & Chemical cleaningStart up Power/HT-LT Switchgear ChargingStation Transformer charging, HT/LT Switchgears
Boiler light up & Chemical cleaningElectrical System for BLUPower cables, Feeder list, Electrical Actuators, Cable trays, Type Test Procedure, Type Test Reports etc.
Boiler light up & Chemical cleaningFire Protection systemReadiness of HVW spray & Hydrant system for ST and HT/LT Swgr. FWPH, Piping upto Transformer Yard Area (both Hydrant & Spray) & Hydrant Line for Boiler Area
Boiler light up & Chemical cleaningCompressed AirInstrument Air & Plant Air, Scanner Air Fans etc.
Boiler light up & Chemical cleaningElevatorsBoiler Area
TG Oil FlushingOil RoomMOT Room including equipment foundations
TG Oil FlushingLube Oil System piping & equipment erectionMOT, Pumps, Filters, Coolers, Purification System and Piping upto Bearing pedestals
TG Oil FlushingTG Aux SystemSeal Steam, Seal Oil, Primary Water etc.
Steam BlowingBoiler Feed SystemMDBFP, Deaerator, etc
SynchronizationMilling SystemIncluding Coal Feeders, Seal air fans etc.
SynchronizationCHP including Coal unloading facilitiesIncluding TPs & Conveyor galleries in owner scope
SynchronizationMiscellaneousFor drawings/ documents listed in the MDL, but not covered in any of the above Systems, like Dozing System, Soot Blowing System, Hoists, Interconnection platforms between Main Power House & Boiler and between Mill Bunker Building & Boiler, Air Conditioning System, Ventilation System, COLTCS, Hydrogen Generation Plant, O&M manuals, PG test procedure, etc.